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Destinathon Members

"Creativity is intelligence having fun" — Albert Einstein.


Antonela Vivanco

Amagusa Pacto Media Manager

Antonela is adventurous, hardworker and perseverant. Nature is her passion and her safe place, it was obvious for her to work on Destinathon to promote sustainable tourism.


Jesica Tamayo

Val Mustair Media Manager

Jesica is currently studying her last semester of Tourism Administration at Universidad de las Americas. She enjoys travelling, music and practicing slackline.


Karla Perez

Murten Communications Manager

Karla is studying Hospitality at UDLA and she loves numbers. Every day she searches for a balance between life and work, her family and friends are the most important part of her life.


Loana Stampfli

Murten Administrator

Loana is currently studying Tourism at FHGR, she is considered as spontaneous, adventurous, and she loves to discover new places as well as to get to know new people.


Maria Jose Yerovi

Amagusa Pacto Communications Manager

Maria Jose always gives her best and wants to learn the latest best practices that are useful to reactivate tourism in Ecuador and around the world.


Nicole Salem

Tulipe Communications Manager

Nicole is studiyng Tourism management at Universidad de las Américas. She likes to look outside of the box, She is passionate about music and sustainable tourism.


Samira Steriti

Tulipe Content Manager

Samira is studying Tourism at the FHGR in Switzerland. She is very passionate about traveling, enjoys meeting new people and trying out new things.


Takashi Yoshida

Tulipe Academic Researcher

Tak is currently studing Tourism Administration at UDLA. He has a Bachelor of Music from Texas Christian University and an Artist Diploma in Songwriting from Berklee.


Ariana Cerda

Murten Media Manager

Ariana is very enthusiastic about Destinathon, she is currently studing at Universidad de las Americas and loves to promote sustainable tourism. She is exited to promote Murten.


Jose Navarrete M.

Team Leader

Destinathon's team leader and Mentor. Jose's personal motto is to empower men and women to lead change. He aims to produce sustainable development


Kevin Pilat

Murten Media Manager

Kevin is studying tourism at the FHGR, originally from Munich in Germany, he likes to spend time with his friends, play football and explore the world, and Ecuador is in his bucket list.


Lorenz Noth

Val Mustair Academic Researcher

Lorenz was drawn first to the world of finance. After some experiences, he decided to work in the service department of a hotel/restaurant. There he discovered his passion for tourism.


Marlene Bustamante

Amagusa Pacto Academic Researcher

Marlene is studying Tourism & Hospitality at UDLA. She enjoys discovering new things, travelling and taking pictures; her passion is being a mom.


Peter Baumgart


Peter is a high level executive and advisor with working experience on a series of tourism industries. Digital advocate, public speaker and currently lecturer at FHGR


Sebastian Molina

Val Mustair Communications Manager

Sebastian is currently studing his final semester at Universidad de las Americas. He likes to practice cycling and hiking which allows him to discover new places.


Zoe Schuerch

Val Mustair Administrator

Zoé is studying tourism at the FHGR. She has experience organizing and implementing various projects, she developed organizational and leadership skills.


Daniela Rojas

Amagusa Pacto Administrator

Daniela is studying Hospitality and Hotel Managment at UDLA. She considers herself very optimistic, resposible and at the same time organized. She enjoys learning and sharing with others.


Josselyn Almachi

Tulipe Media Manager

Josselyn is considered spontaneous, funny and dedicated, She loves to met new people, new places and she is passionate about travelling.


Lea Loehrer

Amagusa Pacto Content Manager

Lea is currently studying Tourism at the University of Applied Science of Grisons in Switzerland. She is very energetic, hard-working and has a deep passion for travel, languages and nature


Louisa Frangioudakis

Val Mustair Content Manager

Louisa grew up in Crete, where her family runs a small hotel. Her creative spirit motivated and inspired Louisa to take on the Destinathon challenge in order to promote Val Mustair


Michael von Allmen

Murten Content Manager

Michael is studying at FHGR. He likes mountainbiking and snowboarding.
His team won the UNWTO Students' League.


Salome Luna

Tulipe Administrator

Salomé is currently studying Hospitality and Hotel management at Universidad de las Américas. She is passionate about meeting new people, rescuing stray dogs, and traveling


Selina Steiner


Selina Steiner attended Thun Seefeld Elementary School. After her Matura, she completed a Bachelor of Science in Economics, specializing in Business Administration and Sports.

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